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1813 W. Montrose Ave.
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Got Wood? We Do! 

Chicago’s best place for firewood! Fire-Pit firewood! Pizza-Oven firewood!
We have oak, cherry, maple, and
mixed wood pieces that are pre-chopped and bundled.

We offer

Boxes of Kindling, Bundles of wood,Hickory,Apple, and Oak Chips 

1/8 face cord = 2ft x 2ft single stack

1/4 face cord = 2ft x 4ft single stack

1/2 face cord = 4ft x 4ft single stack

Face cord = 4ft x 8ft single stack

Full cord = 4ft x 8 ft double stack

FREE local delivery with purchase of $45 or more!! (within 15 miles)

Please call us if you have questions: 773-388-2500.
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