Firewood Chicago | Lakeview's Best Place to Buy Firewood

3456 N Clark St
Chicago, IL.

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Got Wood? We Do!
Open 7 Days a week 9am - 9pm

Come to Lakeview’s best place to find firewood!
At The Main Event, we keep our parking garage
stocked with firewood during the winter months.
We have oak, cherry, maple, and mixed wood pieces
that are pre-chopped and bundled.

We offer

Boxes of Kindling, Bundles of wood,

1/8 face cord = 2ft x 2ft single stack

1/4 face cord = 2ft x 4ft single stack

1/2 face cord = 4ft x 4ft single stack

Face cord = 4ft x 8ft single stack

Full cord = 4ft x 8 ft double stack

FREE local delivery available with purchase of $45 or more!! (within 3 miles)
FREE PARKING! If you are driving, pull into our parking
garage, and we will help load wood into your car.
Please call us if you have questions: 773-388-4444.

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